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Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai's Poetry is divided into thirty six SURs or Musical Compositions that are based on Classic rages in Shah's music that are not even present in the Indain classic musical music. Shah's Sur are divided in Dastans or Chapters. Each Dastan Consists of a number of two or four line stanzas called "Bait" followed by one or two multiple line poems called "Waee". For the past three centuries, Sindhi mystics have congregated at Bhit Shah, where they hold a dust to dawn musical concert, chanting and singing the Waees of Shah Latif every night.


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Sur Kalian Sur J'aman
Sur Sarang Sur Samundi
Sur Sohni Sur Khanbhat
Sur Basant Sur Kedaro
Sur Abri Sur Maazuri
Sur Desi Sur Kohiari
Sur Hussaini Sur Sorth
Sur Berag Sur Barwo Sindhi
Sur Momal Rano Sur Ramkali
Sur Rippa Sur Leelan Chanesar
Sur Bilawal Sur Dahar
Sur Kapati Sur Pirbhati
Sur Ghatu Sur Siuh Kedaro
Sur Asa Sur Marvi
Sur Dhanasari Sur Purab
Sur Kamod Sur Karayal


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